I'm SO sorry about any typos or anything. On some of the pages I made, it says "Add a photo" before my paragraph before it starts. Again I am sorry and I will try to avoid that in the future.


Welcome to the Girls Only WikiEdit

Imformation EVERY girl needs to know! Important imformation about the world around them!!

11-4-11 TODAY'S NEWS!!Edit

Today, I would like to let you know about my wiki since I just founded it last night. My first topic I would like to cover is my blog(s). Sometimes I might have a debate on fun, silly things. Example: I will have on a page, maybe I want to know what you like best, icecream or chocolate, and then in the blog, you can type icecream or chocolate or whatever it is we are debating on. my next topic is that I would like to make sure everything is appropriate for ages 5-16 or the average age of girls who come to this wiki and read the blog. If I see anything inappropriate then i will report you, delete that comment, or ban/block you from cominng to this wiki. Remember, I am not the only one who can add pages or edit things, so please make sure the pages you add are appropriate and girl-related.



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  • discussion page Talk:Contest 2/7/12-2/23/12
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    Comment: Both, but most of the time, jeans. :)
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    New page: ???Added by Hacsgc Jeans or Skirts?&nbspEdit Would you rather wear jeans (or pants) every day or skirts? If you know, then: click comment type in
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    Comment: Sorry about any typos- I type fast and don't realize my mistakes!
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    New page: Happy Valentines Day!!Added by HacsgcValentines Day is celebrated on February 14th every year. It's a day when you tell your family/friends ou love...
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    Comment: There will be a pic by friday!! ~*Hacsgc*~ (to lazy to sign in)
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    New page: Add a photo On Christmas Day, Jesus was born. For his birthday, instead of him getting gifts, he sends Santa Claus to give gifts to the children. I...
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